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Old Colony, Velliyanthal Area Guideline Value of Land

Zone Name : Cuddalore
District Name : Villupuram
Jurisdicional SRO Office : Ananthapuram Office
No.125,Chettikulam Street,Anathapuram,Gingee Taluk, Pin Code-605201
Village Name : Velliyanthal
Street Name : Old Colony
PIN Code : 605201
Guide Line Value (Per Sq. Feet) :
Guide Line Value (Per Sq. Metre) :
Guide Line Value (Per Cent) :
Guide Line Value (Per Ground) :
Land Classification : Residential Class III Type - I
Effective Date : 09-Jun-17
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How Can I Check Search Streetwise Registration GuideLine Value for Old Colony, Velliyanthal , tamil nadu?

It is easy to find guideline value of Old Colony, Velliyanthal TN with us. We support you at all times.

How to Measure the Area of the Property in Old Colony, Velliyanthal Before Buying?

Our Registration Legal Experts will visit Your Jurisdiction SRO Office at No.125,Chettikulam Street,Anathapuram,Gingee Taluk, Pin Code-605201 and verify the legal documents for the measurement and legal titles. We will organise Surveyors / Valuers to measure the area of the land/property before buying at Old Colony, Velliyanthal at addtional cost.

What is the meaning of guideline value of land in Tamilnadu?

GLV means a official value of each and every properties in Old Colony, Velliyanthal and all other places in Tamilnadu. This portal will show the heatmap of all properties.

How is stamp duty and registration charges calculated in Tamilnadu?

According to the relevant acts of the land registration stamp duty , it is calculated based on the value of the property and nature of transaction. Say Example, if you are selling your property , stamp duty for property registration in tamilnadu is 7% and Registration fee -1%. It may vary.

Where can I pay stamp duty in Velliyanthal?

You can either pay the stamp duty at the Sub-Registrar/Registrar’s office or avail of the easy e-stamping facility.

Sub Registrar Office Address and Contact Mobile Number for Old Colony, Velliyanthal Immovable Property?

Your Jurisdiction SRO Office is Ananthapuram,No.125,Chettikulam Street,Anathapuram,Gingee Taluk, Pin Code-605201 for the Property Registration and payment of Stamp Duty. Our Experts Provides Hassle-Free Document Registration Support Services and Drafting of Sale Agreement / Deed.

What is the Difference Between Ground and Sq. Meters in Old Colony, Velliyanthal?

Please note that Ground or Square Feet is the Unit measurement of Land, given in the Land Documents of Lands promoted as Layouts. But, the official practice will be, to give all measurements in Sq. Meters. This is so in CMDA and DTCP areas.
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