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District Registrar Office Karur

Address : Collector Office Campus,Thanthondrimalai, Karur-639007.

Telphone : 04324-255201

E-Mail : [email protected]

The District Register Office in Karur Tamilnadu is the primary registration authority in Karur Tamil Nadu and it performs all the tasks related to the maintenance of the registers in Karur Revenue District. It monitors various SRO Offices under its control, Validation of Guideline Values with the Market Value and verification of Stamp Duties. Also they undertake all the actions related to stamping and publishing the official records of the state government.

List of Sub Registrar offices in Karur TN

These are the offices which authenticates the process of property registration in the state. The process of property registration involves preparing the statement of particulars and the related land register files, drawing up the register and issuing requisite license for holding real estate properties. In order to facilitate the real estate market, all the registered offices of the state send their respective lists of SRO Offices in Tamilnadu to the State Registrar office for public information.

List of Areas / Villages Under Karur DRO Office Jurisdiction

The District Registrar's Office is the local body, which is empowered to perform the functions necessary for the registration and licensing of properties and other official transactions under the law of Tamil Nadu. There are many records maintained by the District Register of Villages in Tamil Nadu, including the List of Villages (approved version), List of Farms (annexed version), List of Personal Effects, List of Wills and inventories, List of Trustees and Appellate Deeds, and List of Births and deaths in the State of Tamil Nadu. All these records are obtained from the office either directly or by requesting the respective departments of Health, Education, Income, Commerce and Industries etc. Records of marriages, death, birth, marriage records, documentations of marriages, transfer of property, official proceedings, a certificate of death, birth, death certificate, birth certificate and other official documents are collected and maintained by the Assistant District Register of Villages in a centralized manner at the District Register office in Tamil Nadu.

# Area Name SRO Name Action
1 Achamapuram Karur Joint I View Details
2 Achimangalam Velliyanai View Details
3 Adhanoor Tharagampatti View Details
4 Alamarathupatti Aravakurichi View Details
5 Alathur Kulithalai View Details
6 Ammapatti Aravakurichi View Details
7 Andankovil East Melakarur View Details
8 Andankovil West Melakarur View Details
9 Anjagoundenpatti Aravakurichi View Details
10 Anjur Chinnadarapuram View Details
11 Appipalayam Melakarur View Details
12 Aravakurichi Aravakurichi View Details
13 Ariyur Chinnadarapuram View Details
14 Athipalayam Karur Joint Ii View Details
15 Athur Melakarur View Details
16 Baganatham Velliyanai View Details
17 Balambalpuram Karur Joint I View Details
18 Balambalpuram Varavu Melakarur View Details
19 Balarajapuram Krishnarayapuram View Details
20 Chinnadharapuram Chinnadarapuram View Details
21 D.Edaiyapatti West Tharagampatti View Details
22 D.Edaiyapatti East Tharagampatti View Details
23 Devarmalai Tharagampatti View Details
24 Easanatham Aravakurichi View Details
25 Elavanur Chinnadarapuram View Details
26 Ellakkadu Ramachandrapuram Chinnadarapuram View Details
27 Emur Velliyanai View Details
28 Enamputhoor Tharagampatti View Details
29 Erumarpatti Aravakurichi View Details
30 Gudalur East Bit I Chinnadarapuram View Details
31 Gudalur East Bit II Chinnadarapuram View Details
32 Gudalur West Chinnadarapuram View Details
33 Guddalore Kulithalai View Details
34 Inam Karur Melakarur View Details
35 Inunganoor Aravakurichi View Details
36 Inungur Nangavaram View Details
37 Iraniyamangalam Kulithalai View Details
38 Jagadaapi Velliyanai View Details
39 Kadambar kovil Kulithalai View Details
40 Kadhapparai Karur Joint Ii View Details
41 Kakkavadi Velliyanai View Details
42 Kakkavadi Pitchamapatti Velliyanai View Details
43 Kalaiapatti Tharagampatti View Details
44 Kallai Kulithalai View Details
45 Kallapalli Krishnarayapuram View Details
46 Kalugur Kulithalai View Details
47 Kammanallur Krishnarayapuram View Details
48 Karudaiyampalayam Melakarur View Details
49 Karuppampalayam Melakarur View Details
50 Karuppathur Kulithalai View Details
51 Karur Survey Ward II Karur Joint I View Details
52 Karur Town Survey Ward I Melakarur View Details
53 Karur Town Survey Ward III Melakarur View Details
54 Karuvappa nayakkanpatti Kulithalai View Details
55 Karvazhi Chinnadarapuram View Details
56 Keelappakuthi Tharagampatti View Details
57 Keeranur Tharagampatti View Details
58 Kodaiyur Melakarur View Details
59 KODANTHUR NORTH Chinnadarapuram View Details
60 KODANTHUR SOUTH Chinnadarapuram View Details
61 Kombuppalayam Velayuthampalayam View Details
62 Kosur Tharagampatti View Details
63 Koyampalli Karur Joint I View Details
64 KRISHNARAYAPURAM(N) Krishnarayapuram View Details
65 KRISHNARAYAPURAM(S) Krishnarayapuram View Details
66 Kulithalai Kulithalai View Details
67 Kumara mangalam Kulithalai View Details
68 Kuppam Karur Joint Ii View Details
69 Kuppichipalayam Karur Joint Ii View Details
70 Lakshminarayansamuthram Melakarur View Details
71 Mahathanapuram North Krishnarayapuram View Details
72 Mahathanapuram South Krishnarayapuram View Details
73 Manathattai Kulithalai View Details
74 Manavadi Velliyanai View Details
75 Manavasi Krishnarayapuram View Details
76 Manjanayakanpati Tharagampatti View Details
77 Manmangalam Karur Joint Ii View Details
78 Maruthur North pit I Kulithalai View Details
79 Maruthur North pit II Kulithalai View Details
80 Maruthur Sorth pit I Kulithalai View Details
81 Maruthur Sorth pit II Kulithalai View Details
82 Matthakiri Tharagampatti View Details
83 Mavathur Tharagampatti View Details
84 Mayanur Krishnarayapuram View Details
85 Melappakuthi Tharagampatti View Details
86 Melappalayam Karur Joint I View Details
87 Minnampalli Karur Joint Ii View Details
88 MODAKKUR EAST Aravakurichi View Details
89 MODAKKUR WEST Aravakurichi View Details
90 MONJANUR EAST Chinnadarapuram View Details
91 MONJANUR WEST Chinnadarapuram View Details
92 MukkananKurichi Velliyanai View Details
93 Mullipadi Tharagampatti View Details
94 Munnur Chinnadarapuram View Details
95 Muthurangam Patti Krishnarayapuram View Details
96 NADANTHAI NORTH Chinnadarapuram View Details
97 NADANTHAI SOUTH Chinnadarapuram View Details
98 Nagampalli Aravakurichi View Details
99 Nallur Kulithalai View Details
100 Nangavaram North Pit I Nangavaram View Details
101 Nangavaram North Pit II Nangavaram View Details
102 Nangavaram South Pit I Nangavaram View Details
103 Nangavaram South Pit II Nangavaram View Details
104 Nanjai Kadamban Kurichi Velayuthampalayam View Details
105 Nanjai Pugalur Velayuthampalayam View Details
106 Nanjai Thottakkurichi Velayuthampalayam View Details
107 Nanjaikalakurichi Chinnadarapuram View Details
108 Nanniyur Karur Joint Ii View Details
109 Nedungur Chinnadarapuram View Details
110 Neithalur North Nangavaram View Details
111 Neithalur South Nangavaram View Details
112 NERUR NORTH Karur Joint I View Details
113 NERUR SOUTH Karur Joint I View Details
114 Palavaiduthi Tharagampatti View Details
115 Pallapalayam Melakarur View Details
116 Pallapatti Aravakurichi View Details
117 Panchamadevi Karur Joint Ii View Details
118 Panjapatti Krishnarayapuram View Details
119 Pannapatty Tharagampatti View Details
120 Pappayampadi Tharagampatti View Details
121 Pappkkappatti Kulithalai View Details
122 Paramathi Chinnadarapuram View Details
123 Pavithram Melakarur View Details
124 Periyamanjuvalli Aravakurichi View Details
125 Perugamani Nangavaram View Details
126 Pettavaithalai Nangavaram View Details
127 Pillapalayam Krishnarayapuram View Details
128 Pothuravuthampatti Krishnarayapuram View Details
129 Poyyamani Nangavaram View Details
130 Pudukkanalli Anaippalayam Chinnadarapuram View Details
131 Puliyur Karur Joint I View Details
132 PUNGAMBADI EAST Aravakurichi View Details
133 PUNGAMBADI WEST Aravakurichi View Details
134 Punjai Kadambankurichi Velayuthampalayam View Details
135 Punjai kalakurichi Chinnadarapuram View Details
136 Punjai Pugalur North Velayuthampalayam View Details
137 Punjai Pugalur South Velayuthampalayam View Details
138 Punjai Thottakkurichi Velayuthampalayam View Details
139 Punnam Melakarur View Details
140 Puthambur Melakarur View Details
141 Puthur Kulithalai View Details
142 Rajapuram Aravakurichi View Details
143 Rajendram North Kulithalai View Details
144 Rajendram South Kulithalai View Details
145 RENGANATHAPURAM(N) Krishnarayapuram View Details
146 RENGANATHAPURAM(S) Krishnarayapuram View Details
147 Sanappiratti Karur Joint I View Details
148 Santhappadi Aravakurichi View Details
149 Sathiyamangalam Kulithalai View Details
150 Sembianatham Tharagampatti View Details
151 Sengal Krishnarayapuram View Details
152 SENTHAMANGALAM EAST Aravakurichi View Details
153 SENTHAMANGALAM WEST Aravakurichi View Details
154 Seppalapatti Nangavaram View Details
155 Sinthalavadi Krishnarayapuram View Details
156 Sirugamani East Nangavaram View Details
157 Sirugamani West Nangavaram View Details
158 Sithalavai Krishnarayapuram View Details
159 Sivayam North Kulithalai View Details
160 Sivayam South Kulithalai View Details
161 Somur Karur Joint I View Details
162 Sudamani Chinnadarapuram View Details
163 Suriyanur Nangavaram View Details
164 Thalappatti Melakarur View Details
165 Thalingi Kulithalai View Details
166 Thanthoni Melakarur View Details
167 Thavalaiveeranpatti Tharagampatti View Details
168 Thennilai Tharagampatti View Details
169 Thennilai East Chinnadarapuram View Details
170 Thennilai South Chinnadarapuram View Details
171 Thennilai Venkatapuram Chinnadarapuram View Details
172 Thennilai West Chinnadarapuram View Details
173 Thethupatti Aravakurichi View Details
174 Thirukkaduthurai Velayuthampalayam View Details
175 Thirukkampuliyur Krishnarayapuram View Details
176 Thirukkoornam Aravakurichi View Details
177 Thirumanilaiyur Melakarur View Details
178 Thokkupatti Chinnadarapuram View Details
179 Thondamanginam Tharagampatti View Details
180 Thoranakkalpatti Melakarur View Details
181 Thukkachi Chinnadarapuram View Details
182 Thumbivadi Melakarur View Details
183 Uppidamangalam East Velliyanai View Details
184 Uppidamangalam West Velliyanai View Details
185 Vadavampadi Tharagampatti View Details
186 Vadhiyam Kulithalai View Details
187 Vaiganallur North Kulithalai View Details
188 Vaiganallur South Kulithalai View Details
189 Vaiyamlaipalayam Tharagampatti View Details
190 Valvarmangalam Tharagampatti View Details
191 Vangal Karur Joint Ii View Details
192 Varavanai Tharagampatti View Details
193 Vayalur Krishnarayapuram View Details
194 Veeriyampalayam Krishnarayapuram View Details
195 Velambadi Aravakurichi View Details
196 Vellalapatty Tharagampatti View Details
197 Vellapatty Tharagampatti View Details
198 Velliyanai North Velliyanai View Details
199 Velliyanai South Velliyanai View Details
200 VENJAMANGOODALUREAST Aravakurichi View Details
201 VENJAMANGOODALURWEST Aravakurichi View Details
202 VETTAMANGALAM EAST Velayuthampalayam View Details
203 VETTAMANGALAM WEST Velayuthampalayam View Details
204 Viswanathapuri Melakarur View Details

Know More About the Office of District Registrar of Karur

The District Registrar Office functions as the central registration authority for any Tamil Nadu governmental department, board, commission, institution or body. Registered office is usually under the supervision of the Director of Registration at the Secretariat of Tamil Nadu Government. Under the terms of the State Register of deeds, sales deeds and other documents are registered. All the registers containing the particulars of real properties and all the official proceedings connected with such properties are maintained in the custody of the registrar of the concerned subdivision of the Tamil Nadu State. All the proceedings relating to the properties are carried out under the supervision of the Secretary to the House of Representatives and the Secretary to the Cabinet. All the proceedings pertaining to petitions are also kept in the custody of the registrar of the concerned subdivision of the Tamil Nadu State. All the public notices issued by the Secretary to the House of Representatives and the Secretary to the Cabinet are also posted to the effect in the district registrar office.

The office of the district registrar office receives applications from persons desirous of becoming the owners of certain properties from time to time. Applications may be for either purchasing or selling such properties. If you are interested in buying a property, you may go to the office of the public information officer and apply for the loan and notary certificate which are necessary for your buying process. On the other hand, if you are interested in selling a property in Karur, you may visit the office of the Registrar officer and apply for the purchase of stamp papers, if you think you may need it for your transaction.

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