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Registration Assistance

We understand your requirements perfectly and provide all the assistance required under the law for the purpose of land registration at reasonable prices.

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For a sale to be valid, the sale deed has to be duly stamped and registered. The process of property registration is compulsory in Tamilnadu. If you are a property owner, you should know about the complete process of property registration in detail. This legal documentation plays an important role in order to protect your personal possessions as well as assets. The property registration process starts with the first step and this is to register the name of the proprietor of the house or land, the purpose for which the property is being put forward for sale and also whether this is a vacant land or not.

Tamilnadu is the capital city and largest district of Tamil Nadu, also referred to as "the Southern City." The city is located on the bank of the Andaman Sea and has a population of about 3.5 million people, making it the fifth largest city in India. The government of Tamil Nadu has made good use of its geographical position and development over the decades to come up with such an advanced urban development. There are a wide range of real estate developments in Tamilnadu from high rise towers and sky scrapers to affordable residential properties that can be purchased by individuals or organizations looking for some good value real estate in Tamilnadu.

There are many ways to get help and assistance in Tamilnadu property registration. The first step would be to find a good and reputed legal Support Team in Tamilnadu which would help you out in your Tamilnadu property registration. Another good source of getting legal support in Tamilnadu would be the internet. The internet is a great place for getting all kinds of information that you may need. You can even contact these firms through emails that they will send to you can even call them on the phone. T&C Apply.

This Package includes the following

  • Documents Preparation
    Our panel of legal experts will assist you in the end to end process of registering any document like Sale deed, Gift Deed, Partition deed or any other deed of conveyance.All fees will be needed to be transferred prior to the registration.
  • Registration Expert with You at the Time of Registration
    We can assist you in registering the Sale Deed or Gift Deed or any other deed for your property at the respective jurisdictional Sub-Registrar’s Office. We can guide you through the process and also have our representatives / lawyers accompany you or your appointed Power of Attorney holder. In cases, where you cannot be present and need our assistance to represent you legally, we can also act as your Power of Attorney at an extra cost.


  • Have Control over the Buying process
    Recently , ROC has started penalising and disqualifying directors if they are not filing eforms on time and non-maintenance of statutory registers and minutes of meetings.
  • Fixed Fee. No Percentage Fee
    Every entrepreneur believes his startup is a tax compliant when we apply to VC. If you are a proper filer and have a viable and rapid-growth business, it is easy to get venture fund.
  • Avoid the seller’s agent and work with an attorney
    Every year a company must conduct meetings , prepare a minutes for the meeting and maintain statutory registers.
  • Always Go with Legal Opinion
    Stay Calm when you don't violate rules. Same way, if you outsource your filing work to us, you can feel relaxed and get updated. We will intimate you when you need support.


  • Place your order and share the Previous Sale Deed copy, Latest Property Tax Payment Receipt copy, Khata Certificate & Extract copy or courier it to us, whichever is convenient. We can arrange pickup of documents as well.
  • We send the documents to our empaneled Lawyer towards checking the registration fees and stamp duty charges applicable.
  • We will then assist you in getting the payment instruments (DD) for the registration and stamp ready in time, if required.
  • We will help and guide you on TDS deduction as may be applicable.
  • If you cannot be physically present for the registration, we help you in preparing a specific Power of Attorney (POA) for your family member / relative to represent you on this matter. In case of NRIs, adjudication of POA is necessary and extra charges and stamp fee will apply.
  • Our executive and Lawyer will be physically present with you or your POA holder at the time of registration. We will handhold you through the process to make sure things go smoothly.
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